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Anjali always wanted to start something of her own but she was unclear about what she exactly wanted to do. After enrolling into Marketing Accelerator, She has worked with 16 clients and has generated $10,800 in revenue. Professionally, her life has completely taken a different turn after joining Marketing Accelerator. She says Marketing Accelerator has given her the skills, the mindset and showed her the way to implement everything which she will always appreciate. 
Smriti, a college student enrolled in Marketing Accelerator 1.5 years ago and has worked with 50+ clients from all over the world. She has made $38000 in revenue. In her opinion, the academy not only provides the skills but also a proper roadmap on how to monetize those skills.
Mohit made $34,000 in revenue. He completed his MBA in 2019 but was not interested in taking up a traditional job as he could not envision himself sitting in a cubicle from 9-5 and wanted more from life.
Saijal, a college graduate is making close to $3000 per month as a marketing freelancer and has made $19,000 in revenue. Saijal is a recent Journalism graduate, who is currently making more than 1 lakh rupees a month as a solo freelancer, working from home and being her own boss. 
Sakshi (Mom of 2) Quit her job at Google in order to embrace motherhood & after joining Marketing Accelerator, she made $18,000 in Revenue. She is a mom of 2 little kids who never wanted to let go of her financial independence in order to fulfil her role as an active mother.
 Tripti made $10,000 Revenue from 2 Clients and has made $18000 in revenue in total. Tripti quit her 9-5 Corporate Job as a Programmer Analyst in an IT Company in search for more time, location and income-based freedom.
Prachi makes over 1.15 Lakhs a month working from home and has made $16,000 in revenue. Prachi, currently mom to a toddler, quit her corporate job way back in 2017 to start a family. After having a baby, she scouted for work opportunities but none fit her bill as those opportunities did not offer enough freedom of time to look after the baby along with earning from home.  
Juned went from $444 to making $2500 per month as a digital marketing freelancer and has made $14,000 in revenue. After having worked at an unhappy call center job, Juned wanted to make changes to his life & career by being his own boss and earning his dream income. 
Vidhi made $11,000 USD as a Successful Marketing Freelancer after joining Marketing Accelerator. She switched her career after working as a Jewellery Merchandiser for 13 years.
Shresht, making $7000 revenue & kickstarting his digital agency after joining Marketing Accelerator. As a Finance grad, now turned digital marketer, he believes Marketing Accelerator is a Bible in itself for anyone looking out to Becoming Their Own Boss.
 Slanghana, a 20-year old College Student made $6000 USD in Client Revenue after joining Marketing Accelerator. She believes that with the mentoring offered inside MAA, she was able to land High Ticket Premium Clients, learn in-demand marketing skills and charge her worth.
Rajlaxmi went from a $300/month Job to making $5000 in Revenue working with High-Ticket Clients. Rajluxmi quit her job to become a Full-time Kickass Freelancing Business Owner.
Tejal Chopra recently closed a $6000 high-ticket client after going through "Get Clients" module from Marketing Accelerator. She also went from 400 followers to 12000+ followers on Instagram and now has a steady stream of inbound leads for her consulting business.
Harshit lost his job in 2020 due to Covid and hence decided to devote all his time learning from Marketing Accelerator. In December 2020, he joined an American agency. He is handling 8 clients currently and has generated $5500 in revenue. Since April 2021, he is earning $2000-$2500 per month. He says, because of Marketing Accelerator Academy, he has transitioned from a corporate employee to a full time digital marketing freelancer, is able to stay with his parents and work from anywhere in the world.
"I'm getting paid 3000 Euros/month + 5% of profit and it is ALL THANKS to Roota! If I didn't buy her course I wouldn't be here I know it :)" - ELENA BOIS, MAA STUDENT
"Roota's course is an absolute no-brainer for anyone looking to run ads for themselves or for others. In our case, it helped jumpstart Facebook ads management offering and resulted in us closing our first deal at $1950 a month for Facebook ad management and consulting for 12 months." - TONY TAVAR, MAA STUDENT
Watch Arshiya’s exclusive interview with Roota where she talks about how she shifted to marketing after leaving her corporate job as a senior HR professional, why she made the switch, how Marketing Accelerator Academy has helped her chase and achieve her goals and what she loves most about the academy.   
Watch how Sarvani, one of our Marketing Accelerator Academy students, quit her corporate job to follow her dream goal of becoming a freelancer and a course creator, with the help of Marketing Accelerator Academy. Listen to her experience about going from someone who didn’t know anything about Facebook Ads or Sales Funnels to landing clients worth $2500 and more. 
Oshin quit her Corporate Job and is now making 50K INR a month Consistently Working From Home
Watch this exclusive interview with Ummekulsum who makes Rs.1L+ a mth consulting clients in her e-clinic - Marketing Accelerator Academy.

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"Working with Roota is an absolute no-brainer! I had $50,000 USD in revenue this month alone. This was all because of Roota, her strategies, her team and the ads she implemented. She also strategically grew my Instagram followers and helped me build an audience that truly aligns with my brand’s goal! If you are serious about changing your social media into a money making machine, then I highly recommend Roota’s services."

- Esther Inmann from 90 Day VA
"Roota has helped me achieve a lot. The numbers speak for itself. Over $15,000 USD in course sales, which was my first course ever. Over 600 new people added to my email list and over 4000 targeted and engaged Instagram followers. If you are thinking about working with her, Dive in, LITERALLY! She is amazing."

- Julia Taylor from JTDigital media"
"Before working with Roota, I couldn't make Instagram work for me. I was unaware of how to connect with people, how to use stories, or how to research hashtags on Instagram. I was a mess. She made everything simple by walking me step by step through what needs to be done from hashtags, IG stories and even Instagram Ads. She knew what she is talking about. If you need any help with Instagram, do yourself a favour and reach out to Roota." 

- Robin Carberry from robinrocksdigitalmarketing.com


“Roota was a huge help with motivating me and keeping me on track to begin advertising on Instagram. I know how to do it, know that I should be doing it, but it felt like such a huge task. Roota did all the hard stuff for me. She made it easy for me film the story and she took it from there. I invested about 20 minutes into the whole project and just a month later, I’m getting followers for less than 15 cents a follower. Roota helped me add 3,000 followers in under 30 days. If you’re on the fence about hiring her, jump in. She’s legit!”


"She not only took care of my entire FB ads strategy but also prepared several funnels and created beautiful sales pages. Having someone by my side to take care of this entire area made my life so much easier! Roota is a great pleasure to work with! She is in consistent communication and on top of every task in need to be done. If you’re looking for support for your next launch, don’t look any further!


"Roota's training was amazing and just what I needed to get my Instagram account going. Her training is full of nuggets you aren’t hearing from other Instagram experts. Her tactics are easy to execute and made a huge difference in growing my account. Thanks Roota."


Before I met Roota, I was completely overwhelmed with Facebook ads and lead generation for my business. I simply did not know how to handle the tech side of things – I did not have the skills nor the know-how around generating leads.

Hiring Roota has been invaluable. She has worked tirelessly on my current campaign over the last two months and has not stopped striving to get valuable and meaningful results. She is an exceptional communicator, keeping me in the loop every step of the way. In addition, she is extremely thorough and detailed in her explanations, making sure to go through the steps she is taking and the reasons for doing so.

I can not thank Roota enough for her outstanding service and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to build their email list or attract leads into their sales funnel.”


"Roota came on to my group to teach her strategy behind creating successful Instagram story ads. It was one of the most informative calls we've had! Roota was super practical and walked us through the exact steps to her strategy. She generously shared with us a ton of amazing insiders info and ninja tricks for making story ads work. What I also loved about our call together was that Roota was very upfront and honest about who this strategy would work for and vice versa, so there's no unrealistic expectations. She also had some really good ideas and specific examples about how my audience (in a different niche from coaching/services) can use story ads for their business. Roota's an Instagram and ads expert and she knows what she's talking about! "


“Working with Roota has been a pleasure and I look forward to continue working with her. She created ads for my business which generated 5X ROI. We spent $230 on ads and got back over $1400 in sales and counting. She is also very responsive and willing to answer other questions that might create conversions in other areas of the business.”


“Working with Roota has been great! I am so glad I found her because I was totally lost trying to do ads on my own. On my own, I never would have been able to achieve the results she has! So far she has generated over 800 leads at $0.8 – $ 1! Not only that but she has created some beautiful sales pages and advised on a variety of related matters. She is genuine and it’s clear she really cares about her clients. Thank you, Roota!”


"Working with Roota was such a beneficial experience for me and my brand. Managing Facebook ads is a lot of work, and Roota took it on with grace. She constantly tested different ads, checked in daily to see how people were responding, and created audiences perfect for my messaging. I'm so thankful I found Roota. Now, I can stop wasting money on guess how to grow my business on Facebook!"


“Roota’s energy is undeniably contagious! In a world where there are so many marketing options that your head can be left spinning, Roota broke down exactly how to get started effectively on Instagram… but, perhaps even better, how to quickly get on track if you already started and things went a little wonky. Before she spoke to my audience, I told her that we’d be starting from scratch with little knowledge about the platform. She delivered at exactly the right level, giving even complete newbies (like me!) confidence in taking action!”
"The MAA community is extremely helpful whenever you get stuck. MAA has a dedicated module about "getting high-ticket" clients which none other courses do." - Sonali Chhabria
"My client is super happy with the strategy I built for their business, following Roota's lessons and tips. I've already got amazing returns for the investment I made in this course" - Samim Salim
"I am a college student and I am earning a good amount being a social media manger at a well known company. I have managed to land 2-3 clients by learning and implementing from the course"
-Hanu Sarkar
"I personally loved the get clients module. The course has helped grow my Instagram, 10-20+ followers everyday."
-Susweta Biswas
"I'm having new clients every single week and I already started my own marketing agency:) Thanks to MAA and Roota!" - Anuratti Vidyarrthi
"I got my first client in 3 months! The wins of MAA community inspires me to be my own boss and build my own empire!" - Arti Raut

"I have started getting clients even I have not yet completed the course :) The Mindset Module has helped a lot to focus and learn new skills from the course. The course has given me the confidence to crack high-ticket clients"
-Prabhashankar Khare

"It's been a fantastic journey from scratch to now working with 3 clients!" - Akshay KH
"Roota's course is one of the most practical course I have ever seen. The value in the course compelled me to get into the course. The course is really well structured."
Satyendra Jaiswal
"Roota has created the course with so much of positive mindset which helps a lot in getting clients. The 6-Figure goal setting workshop is my favorite."
-Sahil Arora 
"The course is really flexible hence I can work and learn according to my own convenience."
- Tripada Shanbhag
"I believe there is no course as good as Roota's course. Everything is taught from scratch and in detail."
-Richa Israni
"The community Roota has build is literally like a Family. The course not only teaches about Facebook and Instagram marketing but also how to on board the clients, how to manage them etc."
-Vijayata Verma
"My Business and revenue are growing after implementing startegies from the course.  MAA is one of its kind." - Varun Vanjani
"The Legalities of the online business Roota has in her course is the one I like the most. I always wanted to work with high ticket clients and that's the reason I got into the course."
-Babiba Sultana
"Roota's course has helped me get clients from my own field i.e travelling. With the help of her course, I am now able to build my own travelling company. The course has indeed helped me become my own boss"
-Anjali Nair
"I found the Sales Funnel module quite interesting. You will learn how to get high paying clients, deliver quality services and where to find them. MAA is a very well structured  course."
-Bhushan Akolkar
"Just after completing college, I'm getting paid! Thanks to Roota and MAA" - Sagar Goyal
"I  was really impressed with the be your own boss idea as I was literally tired of balancing my personal and professional balance. The Mindset module helps me stay motivated."
-Anagha Bhat
"MAA is a step-by-step guide for becoming a successful freelancer. The Facebook group is really engaging. It's been couple of months that I have joined the course and I am already working with clients. "
-Shagun Gupta
"Roota helps a lot once you get a client. This is the best course you can get into. The best part is the Mindset module."
-Oshin Vishnoi
"One of the best courses to learn to generate leads using Facebook ads. Roota is an amazing mentor who actually cares for our progress " - Chetan
"If you don't know anything about digital marketing and you want to get into freelancing then this course is for you" - Palak
"The course consists of a lot of important concepts. This is where I learnt the concept of Sales Funnels and now I'm working only with high ticket clients." - Aniket Barode
"This course helped me set my career before I even turned 18 years old" - Bipasha Dutta
"Thanks to Roota for creating this amazing course! All concepts are taught from scratch which means even if you don't have any marketing knowledge, you can take it up" - Sneha Banerjee
"My favourite part from the course is the coaching that Roota provides in the MAA FB group. She always answers all our queries and clears our doubts" - Riya
"The course is packed with so much of information and I enjoy learning from the MAA course." - Urvashi chauhan
"This course not only teaches you theoretical part of digital marketing but you will also learn how to start your own business from scratch" - Suveena
"I didn't know anything about FB ads or Instagram ads before taking up this course. Now after going through the course, I am confident in my skills" - Mahfooz Alam
"Roota made me realize that I can choose social media marketing as a career option even though I didn't have any prior knowledge. Her podcast is also extremely encouraging." - Tripti Tanwar
"The whole experience of the course is amazing and has truly built my confidence to become a successful digital marketer" - Sreaya
"The course is extremely interesting. One of the best things is the inclusion of the Mindset & Productivity module which is very helpful" - Abhishek Mishra
"Thanks to MAA that I even got my course investment back! I was not new to digital marketing before MAA but after joining, I can vouch for sales driven strategies to businesses." - Shaikh bilal
"I took up this course after I quit my job. I took this course because I could work from anywhere and also look after my toddler" - Vaishnavi Srinivas
"I joined Roota's course because I wanted to work from home so that I can take care of my toddler. The FB group is very active and that urges us to actually complete the course & implement" - Atulya
"The course is structured very well. The way Roota teaches is simple and any one can understand the lessons" - Kushal Malu
"Concepts are taught from basics which is amazing. I love the interaction on our FB group where everybody asks queries and Roota answers them all" - Chetan Singh
"The course and coaching provided by Roota keeps you on your toes and motivates you to work harder" - Riddi Dudani
"Roota is an amazing mentor and is always there for you. Don't worry about getting clients. Roota helps you every way possible" - Vishnu Priya
"My whole perspective about Facebook Marketing has changed after going through this course. Highly recommend this course if you are interested in digital marketing or lead generation" - Ayaz Mohammad
"The Best part of the course is that Roota herself is available for all of our queries inside the group. Facebook Ads module is my personal favourite:)" - Sarthok singh
"Two essential concepts (skills & how to look for clients) to become a high paid freelancer are taught extremely well in this course" - Aishwarya Sunil
"I'm quitting my job soon, Thanks to the knowledge and concepts from MAA."  - Shylaja mp
"I borrowed money to enrol into MAA and It's totally worth it!" - Raushan
"I highly recommend MAA for clear concepts. No free resource will ever help you personally to approach and manage clients professionally." - Swati singhal
"MAA has everything you need regarding funnels and ads. I have fun implementing and testing them." - Priya Arora
"Learning from scratch and in detail at any time of the day is the best part of MAA. I recommend the course!"- Vaishnavi
"MAA is 10X better than any marketing institutions. It really is the best investment of my life!" - Harshita
"I learned a lot about digital marketing within 1 month of joining MAA. Thanks to Roota's teaching ways!" - Prabha Shankhar
"MAA is everything marketing from basics till advanced! Roota and the community are inspirational!" - Niharika Nitinprakash
"I recommend this course for everyone interested in Digital marketing. It's worth it!" - Harshal Rakhra
"I totally recommend MAA for anyone trying to learn and work in marketing remotely!" - Sayalii Janbandhu
"Roota and the MAA community gave me the courage to approach clients even as a beginner!" - Anmol Roi
"I'm personally implementing all the tips and tricks in my business. Roota opened doors of oppurtunities for me!" - Pranchal jaiswal
"MAA is your opportunity to uplevel your marketing skills." - Pooja Ahirrao
"If you want to work with international clients, have freedom and earn, then MAA is the answer!" - Oshin Vishnoi
"MAA is definitely a no-brainer for newbies and an advanced update for even the experts in the field" - Shyamanta Borah
"Step-by-step practical and problem solving strategies from Roota stood out for me!" - Rudolph Perira
"I highly recommend MAA for people who wanna learn, grow and have international clients. MAA is a complete PACKAGE altogether!" - Soumi Chalamala
"MAA is different from all the other courses out there. Mindset and motivation are my favourites from Roota mam:)" - Jigisha Sundesha
"We don't need to be on a rat race to learn and implement from the MAA course. Roota is always available inside the group." - Deeksha Singh


"Since childhood, I wanted to be my own boss. I didn't want to work under anyone. I wanted to live life my own way but I couldn't find any direction until I found the Marketing Accelerator Academy !
Keeping aside monetary benefits, I've gained a lot of confidence in myself as I'm becoming independent. The thing I liked about the Marketing Accelerator Academy and Roota is the ease of talking and clearing any doubts. Also people in the private student group are very helpful and generous.
As we know the Markets is always crashing and business is way too risky plus they need A LOT of investment. The one thing that's NEVER gonna fade away is Advertisement and MAA Is PERFECT for that opportunity. There are very less Indians who teach this course and that too in such an excellent way. That's what I liked most and hence I chose Roota's course over everything else.
I have become independent, creative and a problem solver now.
I would recommend the Marketing Accelerator Academy to everyone trying to learn Facebook ads and Sales funnel because as I said, the way this course is made is truly awesome and very easy to understand. Plus any doubts are cleared within a very short period of time."


"After going through the course content, I came to know how digital marketing is currently a really good market. I learnt how I can use Facebook, Instagram earn some extra money other than my regular job. I have 6 years of experience in E-Commerce, so this course also helped me in my day to day job and how companies promote themselves on social media.
The course contains detailed explanation of every topic and anyone who is new to the digital marketing can learn from the videos and exercises. The course also teaches how to find clients. The best part is the Q&A videos in the private student group where we actually discuss real-time problems we are facing. Roota is always ready to answer any question, any time. She has designed this course really well and has explained each topic thoroughly. The best part I feel is, Roota is always available for every student in the group. Not like other programs where you buy any course and after some time you will not able to connect to the instructor.
I got my first client within 2 months of the course, So this is the first time I have earned some money other than my salary :) Yes, I would recommend this course to anyone for its simplicity. So if anyone wants to learn digital marketing and do not have much information, he or she can join the course."


“I was struggling to find a practical online digital marketing course that gave complete knowledge to kickstart my career. I have been learning and understanding Facebook and Instagram ads and more importantly sales funnels very effectively through the course.
The way Roota has explained things spontaneously and practically has really shot up my learning curve. I could never find an Indian who taught marketing so well, online. The internet is full of marketing gurus from all over the world but we hardly find one who understands the problems Indians face. I think Roota tackles that very well and that is something I liked the most. 
I would recommend this to anyone who would want to understand social media marketing and sales tactics online with no experience at all.
Adding to that, the weekly Q&A and access to all the previous Q&As are really helpful. Knowing that someone from India is doing the same and I can do it as well is really motivating. The best part about the course is constant support from Roota in terms of understanding my starting point and where I have to go. A community of like-minded people who want to achieve the same. Regular updates and Q&As that keep you on track. 
Yes, I would totally recommend this course to others because the tactics are explained from a very layman point of view. I had no experience in sales funnels whatsoever and now I am fully confident in how they work"


"I was working on a 9-5 job with a hectic schedule and was searching for an alternative business. I got a client with whom I am working with on a trial basis. And then I am working on making them a full time client.
Thanks to Roota for her immense knowledge and hard work she has put in building this course. #MAA Is different from other courses as we can interact with the students enrolled for the same course and many engaging live sessions with roota makes it like a cherry on the cake🎂I would like to suggest this course to prospects so that they can fulfill their dreams and enjoy their life at the same time. The kind of interaction she has being making with all her students and passing her knowledge has been amazing.
I can now work from home with no boss to report to and have financial freedom.
Yes, I would recommend this course to others for sure. The reason i would recommend #MAA to others for learning is because even a business owner or an individual can learn from it and start making good amount of money at the same time by improving their sales."


"My life was in confusion as I did not know which path to choose and how to increase my business. I am trying my best to get the best results and I have learned a lot about online marketing, Clickfunnels and how we can just approach thousands of people just by sitting at home.
The best thing about the course is that it is well explained and has the accurate information which one needs to have in order to run a business online.
Roota is doing her best to help people reach their goals and become their own boss. She is friendly and helpful. I would recommend this course to other prospects because it has everything which a person needs to know and learn if he/she is interested in online marketing and freelancing. This course has a lot to teach and open more opportunities to earn and think in a different way.
Roota’s course is easy to understand and its filled with complete information, unlike various Indian Digital marketing courses.
I now have skills like networking, a mindset to think differently and so many ways to grow my business now via marketing.
I would definitely recommend MAA course as it will teach you a lot of things and how you can reach the audience outside India also just by putting ads on Facebook and earn."


"I was not able to identify the appropriate marketing course I need to take. I tried a few courses but those only included definitions and theories of marketing which I thought was unnecessary. 

I love Roota’s frankness the most. Roota is not promising “100% results with the course” like some other people you find on the Internet. Instead she shows you exactly how she created a successful online business, what tools she used, how she got clients, etc.
The course is straight to the topic rather than wasting your time and money talking about the definitions and theories. The closed private student group is really helpful in getting my questions answered.
I also trusted her because she is not just teaching others but also practising the same things in her business and is still working with active clients. And I strongly believe the only source of knowledge is experience!
I am now confident with in-depth knowledge of the marketing topics and a desire to work for myself. I would definitely recommend the course to everyone because where else can you get such a simple and to the point business mentor."


"I’m currently in a soul-sucking job. I really like Roota's strategies and approach to help others in marketing. Likewise, I love to help others with marketing and improve their business strategies. I am excited to make a career by working for myself and that’s why I enrolled in the course."


"I wanted to explore another marketing opportunity, so have been following Roota for a while and then enrolled in the Marketing Accelerator Academy. I learnt about Facebook ads and how to create a sales funnel. The Marketing Accelerator Academy has great content and Roota is very enthusiastic. She is good at her job, offers great support and will always clear your doubts. If you need anyone to run Facebook ads or learn for yourself, I highly recommend Roota. Yes, I would definitely recommend the course to others who want to become their own boss."


"I had just started with my masters before enrolling and wanted to know about digital marketing which would help me in my course. I got to understand how to create ads, sales funnels etc. Roota makes it very simple to understand. If you are keen on learning about Facebook ads, Instagram Ads, Sales Funnels - then this course is right for you. Roota was very convincing, her free youtube videos, Instagram all made me enroll for this course
I’m now self-confident and motivated to become an entrepreneur.
I would definitely recommend the course to everyone. The course design is so simple that anyone can understand and Roota is the best."


"I'm an engineer and was working at a reputed IT company for 3 years. I was working in shifts which took a toll on my health. I had to quit my job as soon as I got married, as I was not able to balance my personal life due to shift work. So I was a complete mess before I bought the Marketing Accelerator Academy.
Roota is one of my inspiration now. My professional life is so relatable to her. Her videos and talks helped me to rise above my fear and pushed me to cross the boundaries. 
Even before knowing about Roota's course, I had enrolled for another digital marketing course by paying 65,000 Rs. They didn't have Sales Funnels included in their curriculum. Roota was the only person out there teaching sales funnels which are so important for every business. And her way of approach is so different and inspiring.
I feel independent now and am fearless to try new things. Definitely, I would recommend this course to everyone because even the advanced courses out there have not included sales funnel in their curriculum. Roota's course is the best out there. In fact, I have already suggested to a few of my friends and they would join very soon."


"I wasn't sure how to start marketing for my brand and get clients to take up my services. I am now able to pitch myself to clients in a better way plus I have gotten two clients for whom I have started running Facebook and Instagram ads.
I like how easy Roota made it for us to contact and ask her questions. She has been always there whenever I faced a problem and I love how quick she is at replying back to the questions.
I would recommend the Marketing Accelerator Academy to people because I feel it's a great course for anyone who wants to be their own boss or you wish to learn a new skill to help your career grow more.
Before starting the course she helped me understand how the course can help me in my business. And she also explained that if I worked hard and followed everything in the course, then I would definitely make money. I liked that about her that she is not falsely claiming anything, unlike other marketing institutes.
I am really happy because I’ve got clients in such a short span of time. I have started feeling confident about my work and have learned to write a good ad copy.
Yes, I would definitely recommend this course to everyone. It has helped me and I would like more people to learn because I feel it's time to change and everyone is moving towards digital which has a lot of scope in the future."


"I was a Senior Analyst at a Data Firm. I worked 12 hrs a day for a company where my learning as well as earnings were limited for my time I was putting in. So I decided to become a freelancer where I could be everything I want to be. Freedom to learn and practice anything.
I have completed the Marketing Accelerator Academy and currently working with 2 of my friends in their marketing efforts, haven’t approached other clients yet. I am making my website right now. I network with a lot of entrepreneurs to know how they run their business.
The Marketing Accelerator Academy has lots of people posting their doubts and actively working with their prospective clients. You learn a lot from your peers and Roota does actively push students to do better and give them everything they need to succeed when you follow everything. I can personally vouch for that when recommending a course. She has also learnt from the big names in digital marketing.
I now have learnt how to approach clients with the proposal. I now know ways to get creative and reverse engineering the marketing strategies of your competition.
Yes, I would recommend MAA over any online course because the Instructor actually practices and has active clients as a freelancer. Roota teaches and updates the course with new changes too which is awesome."


"I was confused about marketing and I wanted to start my own business. The Marketing Accelerator Academy was very helpful for understanding the basics of digital marketing. Roota’s commitment her approach to digital marketing is what I like the most.
I have now learnt and applied Facebook marketing, Sales funnels and Instagram marketing
I would definitely recommend this course to people wanting to be their own boss. If you are confused about where to start, this course is the best place."


"The Marketing Accelerator Academy was truly the best investment I have ever made. I always wanted to be my own boss and have the freedom to travel the world. The Marketing Accelerator Academy gave me all the skills to kick-start my career and follow my dreams.
It’s been 2 months and I have started working with clients already.
Roota has already been through the journey that I am currently going through. So learning from a person who is 10 steps ahead of you and knows all the pains of the process would be the best thing for me.
The fact that it covers all the topics from basics in marketing to high-end skills like Sales funnels, 3 months of FB group support and Live Q&A is really beneficial. I totally recommend the Marketing Accelerator Academy to everyone! Roota really cares about her student's growth. It is a lucrative skill and you will have various doubts in tech, funnels and what not. Every silly or stupid doubt will be addressed by Roota within 24 hours."


"I was not happy working in a corporate job as I couldn't find time for myself. I got to know that to achieve your dreams, you need not to be in a rat race. All you have to take is the Marketing Accelerator Academy course. 
I am now super excited because I’m quitting my 9-7 job. I started freelancing while traveling. I got my FIRST CLIENT who paid me for my marketing services!
The Marketing Accelerator Academy gave the confidence to become an entrepreneur which I will achieve soon.
I am recommending this course to everyone. It's so handy and has everything that you must know about FB ads and Sales Funnels. Roota gave that confidence to conquer my dreams.
I owe everything to Roota. It's changing my life, I can see it."


"I was stuck in a huge corporate rut that I wanted to break free from and wanted to start something which is location independent. From the Marketing Accelerator Academy, I learnt Facebook Ads and Sales Funnels.
Roota is always enthusiastic to give more value and content and deliver.
It's genuinely fulfilling if you can help business owners also learn new marketing skills and constantly develop ideas to improve your own services."


"I am currently working as an Accounts Assistant in a 10-6 job. 
The course is an absolute no-brainer. The Marketing Accelerator Academy covers everything from scratch to also acquiring clients. The support is beyond my expectation.Her support for students and clients is what I like the most.
I now have enough knowledge about how digital marketing works. Various clients for who gave me testimonials. I also now know how to run ads and sales funnels successfully.
The course is priced at an affordable price and it has covered how to start a freelancing business from scratch."


"The thing I liked most about the course was Roota’s passion and enthusiasm for what she does… I’ve been burnt out on some of this internet stuff in the past and the enthusiasm she brings is contagious. I really appreciate how quickly she responded to my questions, as well.
#1) I have a better understanding of the way Facebook Ads work now.
#2) I’ve improved my Facebook Ad metrics.
#3) I now have some automated sales funnels that are converting traffic into leads and leads into sales.
I would recommend the program because it helped me and I think almost anyone would benefit from the course."


"Roota comes across as a very consummate professional, who is highly knowledgeable and well skilled in her domain. The Marketing Accelerator Academy's course helped me in getting recognition for my skills and engagement from industry leaders. They were really very happy with me and my services which i provide. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to build a freelancing business, that can take you 0 to 100 in less than a month."- Owais Rahman


“ The perfect example that Roota’s system works wonders is her own funnel! She makes me want to buy her course again and again, with her stories and content, although I’ve already got it! Lol , but I think that’s proof enough , and when I got inside , and listened to the mindset module , I FRICKING loved it! I love not only her content, but the way she delivers it, which is very simple to understand even for a beginner like me . She makes it as simple as it can get, while delivering high quality content. So I love that , plus the “Get clients” module! No other course quite teaches you like her how to actually make money with the skills she teaches ! Best of both worlds is what I feel for the course. ”


“ This is Thasleema here sending my testimonial about Roota's amazing course.I'm not a technical or software related graduate. I hold a master degree in English with a great interest towards fashion. I already had a small business when I joined this course which had a small source of income.When I realised the impact of social media I wanted to try it on my business and started some research related to it but in the end I was left with highly saturated information and no lead where to start.

Roota was most authentic at that point than the self proclaimed gurus so I enrolled with a lot of hope and honestly I was not disappointed. This course is like an highly concentrated serum which has only the essential elements regarding marketing eliminating all the fluff strategies. And the best part is how simplified and organised it is. Every small detail is explained with simplicity that anyone can understand the course. 

I sell low cost products and with 14k followers I make over 250 sales only through instagram without a website. I'm not fluffing you can check it out @urban_closet_ethnic . Just image what will you be able to do if you had a high ticket product or service. Roota teaches you both the skills and the means to become a high ticketing marketer. Infact I'm tempted to shift to high ticket sales and I will soon. 

My favourite module is the mindset module which is super essential for everyone and GET CLIENTS module. When people ask me how I grew my instagram I simply pitch them a consulting call and the confidence came from the course. And her highly engaging Facebook group is just such an engery booster everyday . Thank you Roota for giving me this confidence and a stronger business. ”
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DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated above are my personal sales figures. Please understand my results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of practicing direct response marketing and advertising since 2016, and have an established following as a result. The average person who buys any "how to" information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET OUR INFORMATION.
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